Amura IT joins Unikal Tech Partners



Unikal Tech Partners (“Unikal” or “the group”), a leading Information Technology company, is pleased to announce that it has completed its second investment by acquiring Amura IT.

The transaction is a second and significant milestone in the Buy-&-Build strategy of the group. Unikal’s ambition is to create a leading European group of IT specialists able to provide end-to-end solutions to their customers across a wide array of services. The project started with the incorporation of EinzelNet in May 2022. The companies part of Unikal have significant experience and credentials in critical IT services such as those relating to cloud, enterprise management systems, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, or big data.

Amura IT is a fast-growing specialist in data analytics, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation. Founded in 2019 and based in Madrid, the company has rapidly built a solid reputation in the market thanks to its highly experienced founders, led by Juan Antonio Mingorance and his management team. Today, Amura IT has a team of 80 professionals with distinctive capabilities who can support customers from data structuring to insight building, while accompanying them in their digitalization process. These capabilities have enabled the company to develop a unique base of international and national blue-chip clients, composed of both private and public entities. Amura IT founders will join as partners and shareholders of Unikal, and Juan Antonio Mingorance will continue to lead the company together with Amura IT’s team. Amura IT will benefit from Unikal’s synergies such as extended technical, commercial, and financial growth capacity.

Juan Antonio Mingorance, CEO of Amura IT and Partner of Unikal, states: “One of the fundamental pillars of Amura’s 2.0 strategic plan has been and will be the continuous search for both technological and commercial Partners that allow us to grow, diversify and expand our capacities. Our exciting alliance with Unikal Tech Partners will allow us to join forces, boosting Amura’s capacity to cover large markets, offer greater solutions, and carry out larger projects. This new adventure will benefit both our team and our clients, as we evolve our capacities to the highest level. We are happy to contribute and be part of the success of this unique and ambitious project.”

José Gil and Jorge Hilario, co-founders and Executive Directors and Partners of Unikal, believe that: “Amura IT is an example of success based on its ability to adapt to a changing environment and to compete in a sector with continuous challenges. Juan Antonio Mingorance, together with his team, have created a superb specialist, who has managed to get a foothold in the market leveraging its honesty, commitment, and perseverance. At Unikal we are happy and excited to incorporate Amura IT as the second Partner within our growth strategy, and we will dedicate all our effort to support its future success, which will also be ours.”

Ralf Flore, managing director of Ufenau Capital Partners, adds that: “We are delighted to see Amura’s team joining us in Unikal, being a significant step for the group’s growth plan, that is already following our distinctive Buy-&-Build approach. We are looking forward to continuing to support the team to develop a leading European group of IT specialists leveraging our vast experience in the sector across Europe.”

About Amura IT

Amura IT is a technology specialist in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Business founded in 2019. Amura IT’s team supports customers across all sectors to tackle their digitalization and transformation challenges, with an end-to-end capacity in data analytics.


About Unikal Tech Partners

Unikal Tech Partners is a leading Information Technology services company, founded in 2022 with the support of Ufenau Capital Partners and the founding partners of EinzelNet, aiming to jointly build a European group of distinctive IT specialists through a Buy-&-Build approach. Unikal is following an ambitious inorganic expansion strategy across Europe, incorporating successful entrepreneurs and leaders that share our vision. We aim to join forces as partners, developing a European champion together that can provide a specialist end-to-end service to its demanding clients by attracting and retaining talented and likeminded partners and professionals.


About Ufenau Capital Partners

Ufenau Capital Partners is a privately-owned Swiss Investor Group headquartered at Lake Zurich which advises private and institutional investors with their investments in private equity. Ufenau Capital Partners is focused on investments in service companies in German-speaking Europe, Iberia and the Benelux region and invests in Education & Lifestyle, Business Services, Healthcare, IT Services and Financial Services sectors. Since 2011, Ufenau invested in +300 service companies in Europe. Through a renowned group of experienced Industry Partners (owners, CEOs, CFOs), Ufenau has an active value-adding investment approach at eye-level with entrepreneurs and managers. Ufenau raised its seventh flagship fund and its third Continuation Vehicle in 2022 with a volume of EUR 1.6bn and advises capital totalling +EUR 2.5bn.


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