UNIKAL incorporates UNIFIED CLOUD SERVICES, ACTIVE, BRAIN2STORE and QUOPIAM, accelerating the creation of the European specialist in Information Technology

  • Unikal simultaneously incorporates four additional companies and leverages its ambitious growth strategy.

  • With these new additions, the group will reach an estimated turnover of more than 80M euros in 2023 and will count more than 600 professionals distributed in 10+ locations throughout Spain.

Madrid, July 28, 2023.- Unikal Tech Partners has announced the recent and simultaneous incorporation of four information technology companies to its business group:

  • Unified Cloud Services (UCS)
  • Active
  • Brain2Store
  • Quopiam

These new transactions reinforce the Unikal Tech Partners´s ambitious strategic plan based on inorganic growth to bring together highly skilled and specialized companies in a several and diverse technologies. Unikal´s goal is to become the most relevant player in Information Technology in Europe.

The agreement foresees that the management team at each company will continue to lead the operations. On the other hand, the talent and human capital, key in becoming an indisputable leader each, will be empowered.

Unified Cloud Services, founded in 2013 with headquarters in Madrid, is one of the leading companies providing end-to-end technological solutions in the cloud (public, private or hybrid). UCS provides pay-as-you-grow solutions, workplace modernization and virtualization solutions, virtual servers and storage, hyper-convergence, GPU virtualization, PBX and software-defined networking, among other services.

ACTIVE, founded in 2008 in Madrid and headquartered in Sabadell (Barcelona). With offices in various Spanish cities, is one of the leading companies in implementation and support of Microsoft business management tools (ERP and CRM); implementation of systems infrastructure, cloud and cybersecurity solutions; consulting and deployment of data analytics projects; deployment of Microsoft productivity and collaboration solutions; implementation of digitization and document management solutions; and in providing with specialized training in Information Technology with special focus on Microsoft solutions.

BRAIN2STORE, founded in 2005 with headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallés (Barcelona), isone of the leading companies in providing with customized solutions for data storage, virtualization, business continuity, data protection, digital security, mobility and collaboration, and delivering architectures based on on-premise, cloud and hybrid solutions. The company guides the client in all phases of the process, from the beginning of the project in the initial design, during the deployment and in the maintenance and optimal exploitation of the solution.

QUOPIAM, a company founded in 2007 and headquartered in Manlleu (Barcelona), is one of the leading companies in consulting, design, planning and implementation of systems and communications infrastructure solutions, collaboration tools and Cybersecurity. In addition, it provides software development services for the digitalization of processes, training, proactive maintenance, and monitoring that ensure the quality of the projects deployed.

José Gil and Jorge Hilario, co-founders, executive directors and partners at Unikal Tech Partners, have pointed out that “the incorporation of these great specialists to the group is an unparalleled step to shape our initial portfolio and a great step as a group. All of them will be vital for us to achieve a differential go to market and capabilities.” The co-founders of Unikal Tech Partners have added that “The specialization, the high skilled talent, the presence in the market that we achieve with these incorporations is extraordinary. The diversity of the portfolio, their ability to attract and retain talent, and the quality of the services they deploy, brought them to lead the IT sector. Thus, we are honored to count on all of them to build a future together.”

Mario Monge, founder and CEO at Unified Cloud Services and, since this transaction, partner at Unikal Tech Partners along with the rest of the company’s partners, has also valued as unique the agreement “The incorporation to Unikal, allows us to be part of a great and incomparable business project. We are going to walk the road with magnificent companies that complement and empower us. I am sure that being part of this great group of specialists is the best possible future for all the people who are part of UCS.”

Eugenio Rodríguez, Alberto Lozano, Nelson Fernandes and Aaron Anciones, members of the Management Board of Active and, since this transaction, shareholders at Unikal Tech Partners, valued as a differential this agreement “ACTIVE has always pursued growth with the aim to stand out as a benchmark in the sector. Therefore, being part of UNIKAL’s exciting project is a dream come true. This ambitious and unique project connects us with like-minded companies that complement and grow together. We are confident that this partnership with a group of world-class specialists will provide us with an unparalleled opportunity to achieve our business goals and foster the professional development of our talented team.”

Nico Navarro and Jordi Pérez, founders and co-Directors at Brain2Store and, since this transaction, partners at Unikal Tech Partners along with the rest of the company’s partners, have also valued the agreement as magnificent “The incorporation to Unikal, allows us to be part of a project of unique expansion, escorted by a group of companies that complement and empower us. We are happy to contribute to the creation of a great group of specialists, and to provide the people who are part of Brain2Store with an exciting future ahead of them.”

Joan Paré and Óscar Barrabés, founders and co-Directors at Quopiam and, since this transaction, partners at Unikal Tech Partners, has also valued as extraordinary the agreement signed today “We are very happy to be part of Unikal because it means culminating the work done during the last intense years, making available to the entire Quopiam team the tools, resources and partners to reach the highest business level ever. We strongly believe that joining Unikal will allow us to achieve an incomparable future”.



About Unified Cloud Services

UCS, is a national Capital Services company, specialized in Cloud Computing, Systems Integration Projects and Outsourcing in the global environment of Information Technologies. UCS collaborates with the most relevant national and international companies, providing experience and knowledge in a dynamic and flexible way.

With a new and mature business/commercial model of real pay-per-use, UCS has achieved a high specialization and differentiation, which allows it to meet a generalized market demand.



About Active

Active is an integrator and specialized provider of integrated business management solutions, systems infrastructure, cloud solutions and cybersecurity, with the aim of improving the competitive capacity of its customers.

It currently has six offices in Barcelona, Bizkaia, Madrid, Salamanca, Seville and Valencia. From these headquarters, it provides services to the entire national territory.



About Brain2Store

Founded in 2005, Brain2Store has established itself as one of the reference partners in the Spanish Information Technology sector, for the deployment and management of virtualization and storage technologies.

With a high technical specialization and the experience of its team of professionals, it provides solutions to the needs of critical infrastructures in the data centers of the most demanding companies. A solvency, demonstrated in each project, which has allowed it to develop a long-term relationship of trust with more than 300 clients.



About Quopiam

Quopiam is a company that offers Information Technology services and solutions from its headquarters in Manlleu, Osona region, in the province of Barcelona. It has a team of specialist professionals with an eminent technical profile, who add up to a great experience and talent.

With clients spread throughout practically the entire northeast, both small and medium-sized companies and public institutions, we collaborate with clients to make their business evolve and adapt to the times of digitalization.



About Unikal Tech Partners

Unikal Tech Partners is a leading company in information technology services. Launched in 2022 with the support of Ufenau Capital Partners and the founding partners of EinzelNet, it aims to build a European group of specialists in Information Technologies, through a Buy-&-Build growth model.

Unikal is pursuing an ambitious strategy of inorganic expansion across Europe, incorporating successful entrepreneurs and leaders, who share its vision. Joining forces as partners, we promote the co-creation of a European leader that provides specialized IT services with a broad portfolio, in a wide range of clients, and with an unprecedented team of professionals.



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